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Most all of my nude artwork features natural females. In our male dominated society women with body hair years ago became “inappropriate” and there has been a gradual, although, strong and steady movement to the ridiculous looking “baby body shaved look” primarily brought to fruition by the porn industry. Natural women are exactly that, natural. Body hair is a natural characteristic of all human bodies. The fact that society has decided that it is not ok for women to have body hair is both sexist, prejudicial, and completely impossible. Women should display their bodies the way that makes them most happy without any outside judgement from men or conformist women. Body hair on women has become associated with the feminist movement and is negatively judged by men as such, when the issue has "become" feminist simply because it is a prime example of men attempting to dominate women by telling them what is acceptable with the appearance of their bodies. I am thankful that many modern young women and forward, fair thinking men are gradually reversing this lack of societal fairness aimed at diminishing free thinking women.

Emily H

  • I use quality Kodak Professional Inkjet Paper, Metallic Finish, as my standard print media and offer MOAB Slickrock Metallic Silver 300 as an upgrade option on my larger Giclée prints. Both papers are top of the line, premium grade metallic medias, but with a very different look. The Moab is the ultimate metallic paper, in my opinion, and considerably more expensive than most anything else on the market, but worth the difference. The Moab Metallic really shows off on larger prints.


    I use Hahnemuhle Daguerre Canvas for all of my canvas work. This canvas media is a high-end matt-coated poly-cotton, fine art canvas with a fine, uniform surface texture. It produces clean, fresh colors, and the finest details.


    My Limited-Edition Canvas Issues are collectable pieces that are created one at a time by hand involving several hours of individual hands-on work. I use a combination of photography, digital art, painting, varnishes, and embellishments to create a uniqueness in each piece that is different from every other piece. Each issue is signed, numbered, and the customer receives a Certificate of Authenticity with their artwork.

Christopher Gatelock
Surrealist, Multimedia Artist 

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