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For those that have kept up with me, you already know a bit about my situation, but for those that haven’t, here is an update.  I am sure you may wonder where I disappeared to this last year. The answer is I have been involved in fighting some serious health issues over the last two years that have pretty much left me unable to do much of anything with my site or photography.

I will be in California in a few weeks where I hope to be able to get the proper medical care that I have found impossible to get in the UK.  I will be living in Northern California for several months while seeking medical care. After that, a move to Oregon  or Washington is possible. In addition to the health issues, just about 3 months ago my Facebook Business Page along with my entire business account and personal page were hacked and Facebook, in all of their wisdom and know-how, are completely inept in getting it back. As I and many other businesses are finding out there are other more effective and economical methods of selling your merchandise than Facebook.

To sum this all up, I will be back at in the spring of next year full force with new, exciting original abstract acrylic paintings.  Stay tuned and thank you for caring and continuing to follow my art.

In the meantime, my photographic artwork will be available in January 2024 so please don't hesitate to keep me in mind for your new 2024 Annual Wall Calendars and my beautiful limited edition canvas and photographic art featuring beautiful Scotland, England, and several states I feature with my work.

Thank you,


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