Update: September 12th 

We are presently staying in Totnes, England and will be here for at least a month. We are having a wonderful time exploring this area of England again and are looking forward to returning to Scotland in October. In the meantime, I want to thank everyone for your continuing support.

Christopher and Moira ❤️

Hi, everyone!

Unfortunately, I am currently dealing with some health issues and that is the reason that I have not been as diligent as I usually am in updating this site, creating new work, and making timely posts to my social media outlets. In lue of this situation, Moira and I have decided to take a sabbatical over the next few months to travel and recover. We will be away from home for several months after which we will return and I will be able to manage my art business in a proper way. In the meantime, most of my work is available on the “Fine Art America” site for sale at very reasonable prices. The only difference is that customers will not be able to get some of my handmade limited edition canvas issues until I return. I do have some of these multimedia pieces in stock so check with me if there is one you are interested in. I may have it in stock.


A Special Advantage for my European Customers


Purchasing my work on “Fine Art America” is a less expensive method of acquiring my work in Europe because “Fine Art America” actually has companies physically located in Europe. Customers there do not have to pay international customs on their orders which makes the entire purchasing experience easier, faster, and less expensive.


In the meantime, I will still be here and I will be back home in a few months with lots of new material to create new artwork.


As always thank you for supporting me. I appreciate it more than you can know.