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Christopher Gatelock is a professional, award-winning, and published surrealist multi-media artist. His formal creative art training reaches back to the 1970s when he was introduced to basic fine art principles, fine art film photography, and darkroom procedure at Mississippi College. He later expanded his education and training in the arts at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, Colorado.     


Christopher is well-traveled, having lived in many of the states in America and internationally in Japan, Panama, Brazil, and England, and now recently relocated near Glasgow, Scotland. His explorative lifestyle has afforded him many opportunities for producing multi-media art in the areas of landscapes, architecture, concept creations, fine art nudes, contemporary abstract art, and specialty portraiture. ​


His artistic style varies to some degree depending on what genre of art he is creating. In all of his work, his style is based strongly on surrealism in which he purposely repels from what would be considered by most as normal or traditional. While some of Christopher's artwork incorporates one or more photographic captures, he does not label himself a "photographer", as it pertains to his art, but a multimedia artist who employs a camera as one tool he uses to create his brand of artwork. To judge his work using the rules of straight photography is errant simply because he does not adhere to the so-called "rules" of photography and often purposely violates them. As a result, his art style tends to drive straight photographers that strongly adhere to the rules of photography, "off their nobs". 😁 


He endeavors in all of his art to create strikingly beautiful imagery that insights the soul and moves the viewer to an imaginary place both visually and spiritually where a fantasy world becomes reality, if only for a short time. His art reflects the imagery of his own fantasy world where he experiences complete freedom to create his own brand of beauty in the manner he chooses and using the creative tools of his choosing. Christopher’s artwork defines him as a person and it affords him the unbridled freedom to express his innermost emotions and feelings. As the last word, if there is one word that describes the one overwhelming element of his art it is "color". Christopher’s art has a surreal look that combines the elements of bright, deep, surreal color. At the same time, his canvas work has a distinctive 3D appearance to the viewer in which each object in the composition stands out from the next.

Christopher Gatelock
Surrealist, Multimedia Artist 

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