(Click on large image to magnify)Saint Canon's Kirk, located in the village of


Lochawe along  Loch Awe in Scotland is a marvel of architecture. Built in between 1880 and 1086 by Sir Walter Campbell-Douglas it  contains parts of nearly every known church architectural styles known. It is truly amazing and every time I walk into this Kirk I literally stand with my mouth open in amazement at the aura of the architecture. Anyone can visit anytime they wish as it is always open and the three times I have been there was not another living soul on the premises. I know this sounds like a criticism, but it is far from that, however when photographing the Kirk I get the feeling that it was built by many architectects over many years and a builder would just came along and say, "hey, let's just build a stone appendage here or a wall here, or just some kind of stone addition over there." It truly is a menagerie of architectural styles all thrown together to form a beautiful monstrosity.  I have a 4K Video of the Kirk you can see here: https://youtu.be/Zm6mmCdQBgM

Saint Conan's Kirk

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