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The inspiration behind this creation resides somewhat within my own life experience although that is not the only thought that went into the creative process. It is based on a dream sequence that is filled with many meanings both of a personal nature as well as abstract. Artwork is not always all about the experiences of the artist. Sometimes I create images that can have a multitude of interpretations based on any one viewer’s experiences. While some of my work is based on aesthetic value alone this is not the case here.


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    I use MOAB Slickrock Metallic Silver 300 stock for all of my Giclée prints. This high-end metallic media adds lots of depth to the appearance of my work and features an exceptional reflective shine. This media highlights my artwork by creating an almost 3-dimensional look to my Giclée’s.


    I use Hahnemuhle Daguerre Canvas for all of my canvas work. This canvas media is a high-end matt-coated poly-cotton, fine art canvas with a fine, uniform surface texture. It produces clean, fresh colors, and the finest details.


    My Limited Edition Canvas Issues are collectable pieces that are created one at a time by hand involving several hours of individual hands-on work. I use a combination of photography, digital art, painting, varnishes, and embellishments to create a uniqueness in each piece that is different from every other piece. Each issue is signed, numbered, and the customer receives a Certificate Of Authenticity with their artwork.