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Now you can design your own personal calendar by choosing your favorite pieces of my artwork from my entire collection to go into your calendar and also have your calendar begin on the month of your choosing. Just purchase a calendar base from the drop down menu with either the UK layout or the US layout and your choice of either a 12 month calendar or 18 month calendar. Then add the 12 (or 18) art images you pick from my entire collection of artwork. 


To choose your artwork just search through my collection and click on the drop down menu of choices on the right of the page and click "Add This Artwork To My Calendar". Your choice will be added to your Cart with a one penny charge to make the website work correctly.


The last step is to tell me what month you want your calendar to begin. Just write your choice of month in the "Add a Note" box on the left side, under the cart and you are all done. Your calendar will begin on the month you choose and run a full 12 or 18 months.

Now just checkout as normal and you are done.  


To make this process easier I have created a short video explaining the process step by step.

Video on how to order your custom calendar:


Please note that some of my artwork cannot be used to make a calendar because of the image orientation.  Portrait orientation or vertical position images will not work on a calendar.




Make Your Own Calendar

  • I create and print my own calendars to obtain the quality I demand  that is not available from any outside vendor.  My calendar size is approximately12" wide x 17" tall or a UK size A2.

Christopher Gatelock
Surrealist, Multimedia Artist 

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