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Firstly, let me say this is one of my dearest favorites. I love this artwork and the finished product with the hand embellishments I put on the canvas is stunning, if I may say so myself. Most of what I create I am my own worst critic, but this piece I am proud of it because it is as close to defining my spirit and preferred style as anything I ever created. I have a huge piece of this art hanging in my living room and look at it every day. The entire makeup and style is a perfect example of what I consider my best work.

I have been to Rosslyn Chapel, of "The Da Vinci Code" fame, several times and there are few more amazing pieces of architecture than this anywhere in the UK, perhaps the world. The chapel has a colorful history religiously dating from the 1400's. In more recent times there have been theories promoted about a real connection with the legendary Knights Templar and their search for the Holy Grail. This connection was made all the more interesting with the making of the highly successful film, "The Da Vinci Code". The outside of the building is absolutely beautiful, but the inside of the chapel is just as beautiful and a marvelous work of architectural design. One of the unique qualities of Rosslyn is that three sides of the structure are equally spectacular. This piece features, what I consider, the side, although two other sides could be considered the front purely from a structural and esthetic view.

Rosslyn Chapel 3 - 24” x 16” Canvas Gallery Wrap

  • Limited Edition Canvas: Hahnemuhle Daguerre Canvas is used for all canvas art. This art is created one at a time by hand involving several hours of work. Each piece is signed, numbered, and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

    All canvas artwork comes stretched on a 1 1/2" gallery wrap stretcher bar frame ready to hang on your wall.

    7” x 5” Greeting Card: All greeting cards are printed on heavy, high-end, 96lb. High Gloss, card stock. All cards are 5" x 7" folded and include an envelope. Greeting cards are available in customer-created discounted sets of 15 for $39. Cards can be bought as singles or in any number you wish, with no minimum.

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Christopher Gatelock
Surrealist, Multimedia Artist 

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